Tripin’ is a web3 drive-to-earn game. Connect your Solana wallet, start driving and claim your roads and build a decentralised map
Earn tokens to help offset the cost of fuel. Spend Tokens to offset your carbon emissions.
Tripin’ is built by a team of mapping experts with experience of delivering global mapping and navigation products for over 15 years. We aim to combine a fun driving game with the speed and power of the Solana blockchain to reward players who help build the first truly decentralised map.
Simply download our apps, choose a vehicle, start driving and earn rewards.
Tripin’ is currently in pre-mint beta.
  • During the pre-mint beta phase you can use a Tripin’ test car to earn rewards
  • Don’t worry - all the rewards you earn during the beta phase you’ll keep
  • After the mint, you’ll need to own a Tripin’ NFT to continue earning rewards
Last modified 1yr ago